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From my perspective anyone can be great, even you. All you need is find the best route to perfection. I AM RONEY SINGH!

Being a fitness aficionado, I love travelling around the world and hence, have a strong passion of passing the well-being and body conditioning message. I’m a professional trainer in Australia and provide both group and personal training to raise the fitness bar in every individual. Regardless of where you are interested admirers can achieve online and offline training based on personal needs. I’m also adept in providing nutritional programs to help you lead a better and healthier lifestyle. Bodybuilding is a passion! We perceive human body as a holy niche and thus, every person should worship with utmost devotion. If you are looking for an advanced approach of physical training, Roney Singh is the ultimate transformation master trainer with the achievement of level 1 coach. Roney Singh is a renowned and prominent person in India and Australia.


The success path of Roney Singh has several awarding milestones which depict as:

2012 & 2013

Tara Classic Champ (Winner)


Melbourne International


World Class Physique Champ


World Champ


Arnold Classic Runners Up


Kahma Classic second place


Roney Singh is a bachelor in professional athletics, sports science, nutrition and muscle model. He has been working in this fitness industry for the last 16 years. He is honored to share each professional experience with the customers and let them learn the beauty and aesthetics of human anatomy. With distinctive and specific training programs, every individual can inscribe the success story of their physique.

  • Dedication to help Roney Singh has a strong motive to help people who are looking for the best way of fitness and healthy lifestyle.
  • Personal training and diet plan To achieve paid training and diet plan based on the custom preference, consulting with Roney Singh would be a great idea.
  • Online Training Regardless of your geographical location, Roney Singh helps you to get started with the right set of talent and skill through online training programs.
  • Finding the potential Our training programs are dedicated to find the appropriate combination so that fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders can reach their potential.
  • Maximum muscle building If you’re looking for the perfect muscle mass without unnecessary bulking and cutting, our mass gaining training program can deliver reliable results with proven science.
  • Complete athlete training Our athlete training programs are dedicated to perfect athlete training and nutrition plan to achieve strength and body conditioning with lean and ripped body.
  • Maximum shredding If you want to achieve a perfect ripped body without sacrificing muscles, we can help you with the right training program to achieve an experienced athlete look.


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